Heavy Duty Rollback 

Heavy Duty "Rollback" (sometimes called a flatbed) the entire back of the truck is fitted with a bed that can be hydraulically inclined and slid back to ground level, allowing the vehicle or machine to be placed on it under its own power or pulled on by a winch. Because they carry rather than tow the vehicle, it can be completely immobilized; It's used to carry tractors and similarly sized farm equipment, plant machinery, small to medium trucks, cars, quad bikes, bakkies, suv's, small to medium shipping containers, large generators and even badly damaged vehicles from crashes.


It could also be used as a standard Flat deck truck to transport any cargo usually associated with these types of trucks.  Examples include large cargo bags, steel beams, bricks, goods on pallets (loaded by forklifts), instant lawn etc...

Our truck is equipped with double diffs at the back which allows it to carry heavier loads than normal (smaller) rollbacks.  Legislation also states that machines such as TLB's and other plant equipment are no longer permitted to be transported by single diff trucks.


Machinery, vehicles or equipment loaded onto the back of our truck cannot exceed a height of 3 meters and should not exceed a weight of 12 tons.